Whole Child

At Teller we believe in the philosophy that “all of our kids, are all of our kids” and we strive to create a community of well rounded individuals who are able to not only succeed in their academics, but also achieve success in building their character. Social and Emotional Learning at Teller is not just a stand alone pillar; it is a lens that we teach and learn through. Our School Psychologist and our Restorative Justice Counselors utilize their skills to teach students as a whole group, small groups, and individually to identify, understand, and cope with their emotions. Their philosophy is to uplift each student, and create trusting relationships, so that students feel comfortable to share their feelings and learn how to cope with them. They engage our students in the restorative and growth process utilizing conflict-resolution, restorative conversations, and classroom connection circles. Our students are stakeholders in our community, and we want them to feel like they matter, they’re seen, and they are heard. By emphasizing our PRIDE traits, we hope to build an inclusive school community where students can find value in themselves and their classmates. It is essential to provide Social and Emotional lessons that are community and culturally responsive, in order to truly embrace all of what makes us different, and the similarities that bind us together. As a school, we believe that through restorative practices we can curb suspensions and provide interventions that will lead to healing, growth, and the betterment of the community. We care about our students, because after all, we are all in this together.