Community Garden

Nurturing Green Thumbs and Kind Hearts at the Teller Community Garden!

Our community garden and its programming could not be done without Mrs. Lisa Davis, or as our kids lovingly call her, “Ms. Lisa.” 🌱 Under her caring and expert guidance, the Teller Community Garden has blossomed into a place of growth, learning, and community spirit.

From kindergarteners to third graders, our young gardeners are discovering the wonders of nature’s bounty right in our own backyard. With Ms. Lisa’s patient teachings, they are not only cultivating plants but also nurturing valuable life skills.

In the Teller Community Garden, it’s not just about planting seeds; it’s about understanding the journey from soil to plate. Our students are learning the art of harvesting, the importance of food safety, and the joy of giving back through community service. Every vegetable, herb, and fruit they harvest finds a new home at the Teller Pantry, helping those in need.

The Teller Community Garden is not just a place where plants grow; it’s where friendships bloom, young minds flourish, and the spirit of giving thrives. We are always looking for garden volunteers on harvest days. Please reach out to Lisa Davis or Jason Smartt to get involved.