For our literacy curriculum at Teller we use Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) in grades 1-3 and Expeditionary Learning (EL) in grades 4-5. You can learn more about both of these programs on their websites: and 

Our goal is to provide explicit instruction in the foundational skills of literacy while also exploring exciting content through both fiction and non-fiction texts. We expose students to a variety of rich, culturally relevant books through whole class read alouds, small group instruction, and our independent reading block.

As an HGT magnet school, we prioritize differentiated instruction to meet the needs of our diverse learners. Our focus on small-group instruction includes phonics instruction, handwriting instruction, guided reading groups, and advanced novel studies. These groups also give students a chance to talk with one another about what they are reading. 

We also emphasize the importance of independent reading for all students as a way to practice reading skills in high-interest books that they choose for themselves. We confer with students around both their reading and writing in order to set individual goals and provide specific next steps.