Performing Arts is an integral part of the curriculum at Teller Elementary School. Students have the opportunity to receive weekly or biweekly instruction in General Music where they are exposed to various instruments, including recorder, bells, ukulele, keyboards, and other barred instruments. They learn the basics of beat, rhythm, and melody. All Teller students participate in grade level performances to showcase the many skills they learn in class. Additionally, all 4th graders participate in the DPS Shakespeare festival, and 5th graders participate in a musical where each class is featured as a cast.

Furthermore, Teller offers After School Music enrichment classes, including Beginning Band, Concert Band, Violin, and Tiger Voices. Beginning Band provides students the opportunity to learn to play a wind, brass, or percussion instrument, including trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, flute, bells, snare, and bass. In this class, they learn the fundamentals of reading music and how to blend their sounds with a larger band. Students that have completed a year of Beginning Band are asked to join the Concert Band where they learn more complex rhythms and increase their range. The focus of Concert Band is to learn to play as an ensemble, blending instruments to develop harmony and texture. Teller also offers violin class through their partnership with the Colorado Youth Symphony.

Moreover, in Tiger Voices, students learn to blend their voices, sing two and three-part harmony, and express themselves with group choreography. These classes are open to students in various grades, with Band and Violin classes being open to students in 2nd through 5th grades and Tiger Voices being open to students in 1st through 5th grades. All students in these classes have the opportunity to participate in two concerts per year as well as Teller’s Annual Art Walk.

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