Student in art class

Visual Arts at Teller takes the approach of developing the whole child. The aim is to promote a classroom environment that is inviting, joyous, equitable, and allows students to feel comfortable to take risks. With lessons rooted in National and State standards, students hone observation skills and discuss works of art; develop visual arts vocabulary to describe art making. Students also read and write about art to reinforce literacy skills; interpret artwork by providing evidence to support assertions and reflect on the process of making art. In addition, students are encouraged to recognize the societal, cultural, and historical significance of art and connect the visual arts to other disciplines. Within all of these there is always a strong interest in tapping student’s personal experiences and connecting them to what we are engaged in learning.

 Students will dive into a wide array of projects that include self-portraits, creating puppets, making action figures with paper mache, collaborating with classmates to create Black History Month posters, creating fish kites to celebrate the Japanese holiday, Children’s Day, and many more. In addition, there is also a unit long exploration with paint, clay, collage, and printmaking. Get ready to immerse yourself in all things creative and fun in this class.