Here at Teller, we use Illustrative Mathematics for our math curriculum. “IM K–5 Math is a problem-based core curriculum rooted in content and practice standards to foster learning and achievement for all. Students learn by doing math through solving problems, developing conceptual understanding, and discussing and defending their reasoning.” 

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Students can expect a combination of exploration driven lessons, direct-instruction, small groups facilitated by the teacher, and group work with their peers. For our GT students, and all students, our focus is on deep understanding rather than just more. For example, a student working on addition strategies with 2-digit addends (like 32 + 48) is pushed to focus on the connection between different addition strategies and the place-value foundation of strategies rather than just doing harder problems. While students will still encounter more challenging numbers and types of problems, the focus is on the connections and the relationships rather than just calculations alone.

During math stations (or centers) and Number Talks, students work on building their fluency skills.  Fluency is more than being fast or memorizing facts.  It is evident when students are flexible thinkers and use relationships between numbers to solve problems. A student is “fluent” in a specific math “fact” when they are able to solve it efficiently and accurately.  Number Talks and math stations are designed to help students build their math tool kit and practice their skills!