Teller PTA

The purpose of the Teller Elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is to raise funds, promote volunteering, support our faculty and teachers and foster a sense of community.

The PTA encourages parents to become engaged in the school community by providing opportunities to get involved, communicating about upcoming events and news within the school community, and fundraising to supplement the funds Teller Elementary receives from Denver Public Schools. We hope the following information helps you find out more about ways that you can get involved and support our wonderful school.

Fundraising Goals:

Our goal is to raise $150,000 this year. Most of the money we raise during the year is given to the school as an annual grant, and the Collaborative School Committee (CSC) (include link) decides how that money can best benefit our school and its students. Like other top-ranked schools we raise significant additional funds to keep our student/teacher ratios low and fill any deficits in public funding to make our school the best it can be.

Primary fundraising activities include: Simply Giving, School Supply, ABC Fundraiser, Taste for Teller, and Tellerpalooza. Additionally, money is also raised through support programs including Gift Cards, Amazon Smile, and Shop Back/Restaurant Nights. Volunteering opportunities both large and small are available throughout the year, as are community-building events that let our community spend time together. The PTA proudly supports our school’s community culture by organizing the Halloween Carnival, the Spring Dances, Staff Appreciation Week, Scholastic Book Fairs, organizing social events such as “Teller After Hours,” supporting the Teller Garden and so much more!


Yearly dues are $10 for membership. A portion of membership fees are paid as dues to the Colorado PTA under which we are organized, and the rest is used for administrative expense and to cover the PTA membership dues of our teachers. Membership is strongly encouraged, but not required to attend PTA meetings.

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Teller PTA, including:

  • Becoming better informed on the operations and opportunities within our school community.
  • Providing financial and altruistic support of the school.
  • The opportunity to vote on school related issues (1 vote per member)

Join the Teller PTA today!

PTA Executive Committee:

  • Dawn Hampton, President
  • Teasley Ruback, President Elect
  • Allison Melun, Vice President
  • Libi Toroslu, Vice President Elect
  • Lisa Santos, Secretary
  • Sarah Haney, Secretary Elect
  • Jane Reed, Treasurer
  • Beth Finch, Treasurer Elect
  • Amanda Neal, Communications
  • Andi Miller, Social Committee
  • Lynn Kutner, Room Parents Coordinator
  • Kelly Bruen, Fundraising Committee

Meetings and Minutes:

The Teller PTA meets on the Third Tuesday of every month (except December) of the regular school year from 6:00 to 7:00 pm in the school library. PTA minutes can be found on the PTA Minutes page on the website.

Childcare is provided and all are welcome!

Minutes are available online within the links above after each meeting and on the PTA bulletin board (location TBD).

2016-2017 PTA Meeting Materials

September Agenda N/A Sept 2016 PTA Minutes
October Agenda N/A Minutes N/A
November Agenda N/A Minutes N/A
January Agenda N/A January 2017 PTA Minutes
February Agenda N/A February 2017 PTA Minutes
March Agenda N/A Minutes N/A
April Agenda N/A April 2017 PTA Minutes
May Agenda N/A May 2017 PTA Minutes







Archived PTA Meeting Materials