Turn in Summer Academy Registration!

Posted 04/17/2017

If your student has been invited to the DPS Summer Academy, please make sure you turn in your registration packet ASAP!

Invited students include English Language Learners entering K-8 with ACCESS levels 1-3, and all students entering K-3 who are on READ plans. Last year, Summer Academy students showed statistically significant gains in literacy growth across all grades on the DRA2 and EDL2, and K-4 students showed statistically significant gains in English Language Development.

We want as many invited students as possible to take advantage of this great free opportunity for individualized literacy instruction, so we will continue to accept registrations through the end of the school year. Transportation can no longer be guaranteed, so registrations should be returned as soon as possible. If you’re unsure of whether or not your student was invited, please see Gabby in the office.

For more information, visit theĀ Summer Academy website. Questions? Call 720-423-3629 or e-mailĀ DPSSummerAcademy@dpsk12.org.