Teller’s SPF Reveal 2018

Posted 10/12/2018

Today, Denver Public School will publish individual schools’ School Performance Framework (SPF). The SPF measures many important aspects of what we know makes a great school – such as how satisfied students and parents are, how much students have improved their scores on state tests from year to year, and how well the school serves and challenges all of its students.

The SPF is like a report card for schools, letting families know where a school is making progress and where the school need to focus on improving. Our school report card puts special emphasis on student academic growth, or how much progress students have made from one year to the next.

Last year, Teller earned an overall Approaching Expectations (yellow) rating on the SPF. This year, we have some exciting news to share…

Teller earned an overall Meets Expectations (green) rating on the SPF.

We are over the moon excited about our growth this year, and we are so proud of our students and staff!

Check out the moment our staff learned we went green by clicking on the video link: