Support Teller Through Your Grocery Shopping!

Posted 11/17/2017
DID YOU KNOW: Teller receives 5% of purchases from King Soopers ( including gas) when you use a reloadable grocery card purchased through the PTA? ( $250 worth of groceries yields $15.00 back to Teller. Multiply by 250 families = $3,750.00 a month or $45,000.00 a year of FREE money)
Now where can you get this magical card?  Cards will be sold tomorrow after school and also at the Thanksgiving luncheon.
How do they work you ask? It’s simple.  You just reload the card at the customer service desk or right at check out prior to your groceries being rung up.
The cards come preloaded with $5 and  are linked to Teller Elementary.  Please bring cash or check for $5.  If you are interested in obtaining one but are unable tomorrow, please email, or see Dee in the office.