Road Closures and Changes in Traffic Patterns: MUST READ!

Posted 10/04/2017

October 4, 2017

Dear #TeamTeller,

We have an important construction announcement to share. Blackeagle Energy just informed us that for approximately the next two weeks, 12th Avenue will be closed from Garfield Street to Harrison Street. In addition, Jackson Street will be closed from 11th Avenue to 12th Avenue.

These closures go into effect TODAY!

Tomorrow, October 5, 2017, our Kiss-n-Go lane will be located on the opposite side of the building (Garfield Street). In order to access our Kiss-n-Go lane, you must now drive in a northern direction on Garfield Street from 11th Avenue towards 12th Avenue.

Busses will drop students off in the morning using the Kiss-n-Go lane on Garfield Street. In the afternoon, busses will park in a designated area on Garfield Street in order to pick students up.

For all children’s safety, please refer to the map below to ensure you are aware of the new traffic pattern around Teller.

If you have questions regarding construction and road closures, please contact Blackeagle Energy Services at (970) 532-0600.

We thank you for your patience during this time as parking during drop-off and pick-up will be extremely limited. We appreciate your willingness to park a block or two away during this time of congestion.


Sabrina Bates, Principal

Abe Janson, Assistant Principal

12th Ave is Closed (Color)