Science Fair

Click Here for:  Science Fair Template for Poster Board – Teller 2018-2019

Science Fair Road Map and Getting Started side A
Kick off handout parts of expert variables side B
Handout Poster Board layout item C

Here Are Some Additional Resources To Help Your Child Out!

Physical Sciences ProjectsBiological Science ProjectsEnvironmental Science Projects

Science Buddies – this site has an online quiz that can help your student decide on an area of interest, a level of difficulty and make suggestions for projects (including supply lists) – A Parent’s BEST buddy!

101 plus some science experiments: Science Fairs – a nice step-by-step guide to going from idea to submission
Bill Nye   Demonstration pages and worksheets.
To create an experiment, see what happens when you change one aspect of the demonstration.
 DPS Science Fair Resources 
  • “Special Forms” ONLY if your student’s experiment included people, vertebrates (organisms with backbones), biological hazards or other hazards” AND your student wants to be eligible for the DPS Science Fair.
  • Scholarships Available for Science Fair Supplies and presentation boards. Please contact Mr. Janson (

Science fair display boards will be provided at reduced cost by Teller for students in grades 3-5. Students in K-2 can purchase display boards at Office Depot, Staples, etc. Sometimes smaller display boards are available at The Dollar Tree.