Teller Vision

Vision Principles

At Teller Elementary, our vision is grounded in our values for Learning and Instruction, School Climate and Culture, Family and Community Engagement, and Professional Responsibilities. 

Learning and Instruction

  • At Teller, we are committed to providing each student access to high-quality, rigorous instruction aligned to grade-level standards. 
  • At Teller, we design learning environments and opportunities that address and support the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of every child.
  • At Teller, we plan opportunities for students to direct their own learning and provide students with varied ways to demonstrate an understanding of their learning.
  • At Teller, we create opportunities for every student to develop and act on their own ideas around social justice, marginalized communities, and diverse societal perspectives.

School Climate and Culture

  • At Teller, we develop authentic, meaningful relationships with all students, families, and staff.
  • At Teller, we value the diversity of our community and celebrate the unique qualities of each family.
  • At Teller, we foster positive peer and mentoring relationships within and between grade levels.
  • At Teller, our high expectations for student and adult behavior are clearly communicated and taught. 
  • At Teller, we create a fun and joyful environment that support students’ love of learning.

Family and Community Engagement

  • At Teller, we engage all of our families and community members by providing opportunities and strategies to support our students’ learning and their overall development.
  • At Teller, we offer numerous and varied events that promote a sense of belonging and acceptance that are inclusive, fun, and free of monetary commitments.
  • At Teller, we establish trust through honest and transparent communication with all stakeholders in support of our students. 

Professional Culture

  • At Teller, we leverage one another’s strengths by sharing expertise and resources in pursuit of the highest quality instruction that results in equitable, increased achievement and success for all students.
  • At Teller, we value positive working relationships with one another to foster a productive work environment.