Mission & Vision

At Teller our goal is to create a unified, supportive community that cares for our children, our community and each other to ensure our scholars have every opportunity to pursue excellence with PRIDE!

Our school vision helps us stay the course…

Teller Scholars are problem solvers.  They ask questions, think critically and grow through personal, social and academic challenge.  Our scholars are resilient, independent learners who persevere toward college success and beyond.

—Teller Mission 2014

Our character traits inform the choices of how we show up as a community:

P – We have Positive Attitudes, to approach challenge as opportunity.
R –
We Respect each other’s strengths, needs and unique stories.
I –
We make choices and take action with Integrity
D –
We empower relentless Determination for every student’s success
E –
We hold high expectations and Excellence as our goal for all.


We are committed to living the DPS Values that define us as part of a whole district that is committed to supporting an equitable, successful education for all Denver’s students.

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