Message from the Principal

Hello Fabulous Families!

Welcome back to a fantastic year of learning and growth!  We are so excited to have each and every one of you as part of our Tiger family.  We are a unique community of learners.  Teller is an HGT magnet school focused on high student achievement for all of our scholars.  We value providing a lively, deep arts program that contributes to the well-rounded growth of all of our unique, fabulous learners.

In our school, we strive to challenge all scholars to their highest potential recognizing that all children learn in many individual ways. We will continue to implement the Common Core State Standards at Teller, which emphasize critical thinking, questioning and student driven claims supported by evidence in speaking, reading and writing.  The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will raise the bar for expectations for all scholars.

We are excited to continue to focus on catching the energy to release the potential of our amazing learners. Our mission statement helps guide our thinking and values for the success for all our children.

Teller Scholars are problem solvers.  They ask questions, think critically and grow through personal, social and academic challenge.  Our Scholars are resilient, independent learners who persevere toward college success and beyond.

—Teller Mission 2014

We also help define our day-to-day practice in supporting scholars as lifelong learners. Through our focus on learning principles in teaching and learning, together we will:  Ask Questions. Share ideas.  Cite evidence. Celebrate growth.

Our staff is committed to living out the shared values within DPS.  These values are Students First, Integrity, Equity, Collaboration, Accountability and Fun!  As we continue to grow together we will honor these values in our words, actions and planning together in the mission of making sure all Scholars succeed.

We eagerly anticipate working with each and every student, family and staff member and look forward to building, not just a community of learners, but an entire Teller family of learners as well! We know that, Whatever it Takes Our Kids are worth it!!


Jessica Rose Downs                                                                                   Sabrina Bates
Principal                                                                                                       Assistant Principal