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Posted 01/26/2017

New “Drop-Off Zone” Effective Monday, 1/30

Teller Elementary is happy to announce a new “drop zone” for before school drop-offs. 

Effective Monday January 30th, please drop students off on Jackson Street at the double gate to the play ground.

Please observe the following directions to ensure a safe and secure drop off for all students:

* Cars must be traveling south on Jackson St

Please avoid Garfield Street if at all possible  (see map for drop  off approach paths.)

* Students  should be on the passenger side of the vehicle and be prepared to jump out quickly upon arrival.

* Cars should stop only long enough to allow student(s) to safely exit the vehicle.

* Parent/adult/driver MUST remain in the vehicle.


* Cars exiting drop off should continue to 10th before turning west to avoid other school traffic.





CHOICE Round 1 closes January 31st at 4pm.

Are you unsure if you need to fill out a CHOICE Application for your student? See below, or email Gabby at gabrielle_herndon@dpsk12.org.

Who needs to complete a CHOICE Application:

  • All students entering ECE
  • All students entering Kindergarten
    • (if you’re a current ECE family moving up to Kindergarten, this doesn’t mean you’re ‘reapplying’; we just need to have the application/paperwork on file – you will have a spot with us for Kinder!)
  • All 5th graders transitioning to MIDDLE SCHOOL!
  • All families new to DPS
  • Anyone that would like to transition to a new school for the 2017-2018 school year

It’s important to remember – if you “Choice Out” of your neighborhood school, you will lose your Neighborhood School priority! The school you are assigned through the Choice process becomes your new ‘Neighborhood School’ (see Gabby with questions).

Discovery Link Logo

Discovery Link

February 3rd Dismissal Day- Field Trip to the Denver Nature and Science Museum

Discovery Link will be going on a field trip to the Denver Nature and Science Museum next Friday, February 3rd for the non-contact day. Registration closes this Friday, 1/27. Anyone is welcome to attend, open to all Teller students.

Sign Up for Feb. 3rd Dismissal Day HERE

Enrichment Registration is Open!

We have a number of classes still looking to meet the minimum for enrollment: Kids Fashion, Ballet, KidsStage- Oz!, Coding for all grade levels, Minute to Win it, and Dodgeball.

MiniMovie, Martial Arts, Basketball, Fencing and Colorado Art still have space as well. If any of these sound appealing to your student or you think they might like to try something new, be sure to sign up by Jan. 31st.


Any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to Laurel- laurel_hollenbaugh@dpsk12.org

Lion King

Little Hats Big Hearts

cafeteria lunch

Get Hot Lunch from Ms. Catrina!

During the week of Valentine’s Day (Feb. 13th-17th), Ms. Catrina will be entering the names of all students who get ‘hot lunch’ from the cafeteria into a drawing. She’ll draw names for a chance to win some awesome prizes! Ms. Catrina LOVES making healthy, tasty food for us, and we’d like to support her by increasing the number of students eating lunch in the lunchroom. She loves getting feedback on the food, so encourage your kiddos to let her know what works and what doesn’t, and remind them to eat HOT LUNCH on February 13th-February 17th!

Love and Logic Classes – March 1st, 8th and 15th

Head and Heart Parents will be offering a 3-week class at Teller! This class is open to both Teller parents and other parents in the community. We will have FREE CHILDCARE available at Teller during classtimes for kids of ECE age and up. If you’re interested in taking advantage of childcare during the class, you’ll need to RSVP to Gabby by no later than the Friday before each class, either by phone at (720) 424-3563 or email at gabrielle_herndon@dpsk12.org. Please keep in mind that space is limited!

  • The classes run from 6pm to 9pm
  • We will provide a light snack (kids should eat dinner beforehand)
  • Kids must be school-aged (ECE and older)
  • The class costs $ to register for, but childcare is FREE
  • High School Volunteer hours available if they help with childcare! We’ll have sign off on volunteer sheets!

Love and Logic Class



Fun Run

Teller – Apex Fun Run is Coming. Kickoff is January 31st!

The Apex Fun Run fundraiser will last for 2 weeks and will kick off with a Pep Rally on Tuesday, January 31st at 2:00pm where kiddos will receive pledge kits.

The Apex Fun Run is for every student regardless of financial giving. All students will receive Apex bands, race-day lap counters, and team awards. We invite all parents to come to the Apex Fun Run and share in this great event!  The times for the Apex Fun Run are as follows:

  • Fun Run 1: Friday, February 10th @ 8:30am  (ECE, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades)
  • Fun Run 2: Friday, February 10th @ 9:35am  (3rd, 4th, and 5th grades)

Please feel free to visit www.apexfunrun.com to hear about this interactive program that helps schools all over the country raise money, while promoting leadership and fitness in the classes.  


This summer, Teller will be one of the Summer Academy sites! We’re very excited to have this opportunity to host learners from our school and community, in order to help support language and literacy development. Some Summer Academy registration forms have already been sent home with students, and more will be sent home in the next couple of weeks. If you lost your registration form, don’t panic! We have extras in the Teller office. If you’re interested in having your student attend, please complete the form and return it to school as soon as you can.

Summer Academy this year will run from June 12th – July 7th. If you have a student that qualifies for the Summer Academy who also has a younger sibling, they are welcome to come as well, as long as they’re school aged!


Last Call for January Box Tops

Turn them in by the end of January to be counted! Please trim them, check expiration dates and put then in an envelope or sandwich bag with your teachers name on it, or they will be credited to the office! Send them to school with your kids, to turn in in their class or in the main office.

The Spring competition will start on Feb 1 and run through Friday May 26th. We will distribute clearly marked snack size ziplock bags in ALL Thursday folders early in Feb so look out for those (Inspired by Ms Guyer).

NOTE: With 369…The OFFICE is currently winning the “Pajama day and winners choice movie” prize…but they are not out of reach. Ms Kairys is in second with 332 and third place is Ms Sparks with 327…it is anyone’s game!!

Please ask your family, friends and neighbors for their box tops to help TELLER!

Every box top is worth 10cents for OUR school!

Here are the current standings for the school wide BOX TOPS competition.

Teacher Grade Dec Place
Becky Archuleta ECE
Mara Gras ECE 32 15
Nazreen Moloo K
Mallory Kairys K 332 2
Michelle Lang K 88 13
Ryan Archuleta 1st 196 5
Carly Evans 1st 206 4
Mariam Mazooji 1st 0
Siri Amster 2nd 136 8
Rachel Ptaszek 2nd 92 12
Sam Oginni 2nd 38
Rebecca Sparks 3rd 327 3
Juli Guyer 3rd 193 6
Stephanie Chesla 3rd 135 9
Claire Jimenez 4th 106 11
Lisa Bornstein 4th 157 7
Patrick Kraft 4th 0
Sara Singh 5th 112 10
Katy Sackett 5th 67 14
Rachel Slivnick 5th 0
Kandi Bergdoll MI 12 16
Office 369 1


Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, January 26th
    • 7:15am Jazz Band
    • 3:15pm Advanced Band
    • 3:15pm Basketball Practice
  • Friday, January 27th
    • 9:00am Teller School Tour
    • 3:15pm Shakespeare Practice
  • Monday, January 30th
    • Fun Run Fundraiser begins
    • 7:15am Citywide Band Rehearsal
    • 9:30am ECE Field Trip to RAFT
    • 3:15pm Tiger Voices
  • Tuesday, January 31st
    • CHOICE Round 1 Closes
    • Enrichment Registration Closes
    • 3:15pm Basketball Practice
    • 3:15pm Beginning Band
    • 3:15pm Chess Club
    • 4:15pm Girl Scouts
  • Wednesday, February 1st
    • 7:20am PiQ Math
    • 8:15am Ms. Sparks and Ms. Chesla’s Class to Balarat
  • Thursday, February 2nd
    • 7:15am Jazz Band
    • 8:15am Ms. Slivnick’s Class Dress Rehearsal
    • 9:30am Kindergarten Field Trip to Arvada Center
    • 10:00am Ms. Sackett’s Class Dress Rehearsal
    • 12:45pm Ms. Singh’s Class Dress Rehearsal
    • 3:15pm Advanced Band
    • 3:15pm Basketball Practice
  • Friday, February 3rd