Help Wanted for Surf, Sand, and Silliness!

Posted 12/18/2017
We still need volunteers for our Beach Bash on Thursday, December 21st! We especially need help with our 3rd and 4th graders. Here are the numbers of folks we need to make this event fun and safe for our students:
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ECE: 1 volunteer still needed
Kinder: NONE! Thanks, Kinder families!
1st: 3 volunteers still needed
2nd: 4 volunteers still needed
3rd: 10 volunteers still needed
4th: 10 volunteers still needed
5th: 3 volunteers still needed
In addition, we are in need of 6 ‘kiddie pools!’ You know, the blue plastic ones? If you have one and wouldn’t mind letting us borrow it, that would be incredible! Please email if you can help in this way!