Halloween Costume and Parade Reminders for TOMORROW

Posted 10/30/2018
  1. This year students are going to be allowed to wear Halloween costumes to school and stay in costume all day. In past years we found changing into costumes was quite the task, especially in the primary grades. The following costume rules apply:
  • No fake weapons of ANY kind (including but not limited to: knives, swords, guns, lasers, lightsabers, etc.)
  • No blood/gore
  • Masks may only be worn DURING the parade
  • Shoes must be dress code appropriate
  • Students must come in and stay in costume all day. Teachers will not help students change in or out of costumes nor will students be given permission to leave class to change independently.
  • If a student’s costume is deemed inappropriate, we will contact home for a change of clothes.

      2. As in past years, Teller will have a Halloween Parade around the perimeter of the school (outside the fence on the sidewalk) starting at 2:40pm. Students will walk around the perimeter with their class, starting from the ECE playground gate, [walking north in a clockwise direction] around the perimeter 1 and 1/2 times, entering back into the playground at the Kiss and Go gate, and then will be dismissed to parents or after school activities from their regular line spots. All are welcome to come watch the parade and cheer students on!

       3. Halloween parties are going to be planned by classroom teachers. Please refer to information sent out by your child’s teacher for information on party plans in grade-level newsletters.

4. If you have students who will not be celebrating Halloween, that is totally cool! Ms. Bass is happy to have any student who does not celebrate Halloween to her class to do some fun non-Halloween activities! You or your students just need to tell their teachers they will not be participating in the Halloween festivities.

**If it is snowing or raining, we will not be having a parade and students will be dismissed as normal on the playground.**