ChrisAnne Giordano


Ms. ChrisAnne has been a teacher for 20 years (15 in the Denver Public Schools and 10 at Teller) and her experience includes teaching grades ECE through high school. She's currently a full-time Mild/Moderate Special Educator, and holds an endorsement in Gifted Education, as well as a certificate in English as a Second Language (ELA). She teaches literacy, math, writing, as well as social/emotional and behavioral skills.
Her goal is to offer supports and accommodations so that students are successful in the classroom. She strives to teach students how to use tools and specialized supports (sensory tools, timers, etc.), so that these skills can be generalized in other settings and used independently. She utilizes the "Scaffolding" approach to achieve this (supports are slowly removed as students develop these skills and they are mastered). Stop in her classroom and say hello!