December 3rd Thursday Folder

Posted 12/03/2015

Please take a moment to read through this letter from the Department for Extended Learning, which has taken over Enrichment Class coordination for the remainder of the school year.

Enrichment 2016 Newsletter


Phantom Tollbooth

The Teller Elementary 5th Graders are presenting “The Phantom Tollbooth Jr.”, a musical adaptation of the children’s novel. The link below is a flier presented by Ms. Bartos, containing more information.

The Phantom Tollbooth





The Holiday Gift Card Drive is in full swing! You can choose from a huge list of nationwide retailers, and can place your order in multiple ways! Orders for this round are due December 14th. Please see the flier below for more information.

Holiday Gift Card Drive



Our Winter Competition to see which classroom can collect the most Box Tops has begun! Students have until January 29th to turn in Box Tops to their classrooms. The winning class earns a PJ Day with a movie! You can reach out to family members, neighbors, friends and co-workers to help you collect Box Tops. We’ll have another competition in the spring, and we collect all year, so KEEP COLLECTING!

Guidelines for turning in Box Tops/Labels for Education:

  • Check they are not expired
  • Trim them down please, but be sure that the dates/points on the Boxtops and the barcode on the Labels still show
  • Collect them all together and submit in a recycled “ziplock” bag or envelope
  • Write your kids name + their Teacher’s name + their Classroom # on the outside of the “ziplock”/envelope so your class gets the credit (unmarked submissions get sent to the front office & don’t count for the competition)
  • Drop them off with your teacher or in the tub in the front office above the mailboxes