Character Education

The Teller Promise

  • At Teller we learn and laugh together
  • We respect each other by using kind words and actions
  • We take responsibility for our own learning and behavior, even when no one is watching.
  • At Teller, we celebrate each other’s differences and accomplishments.

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While reading, writing and arithmetic are at the core of Teller’s curriculum, our school believes in educating the whole child. We emphasize character education and community building through such programs as:

  • Book Buddies:Book Buddies is a weekly program in which older students (third through fifth grade) pair with younger students for shared reading activities. While this helps to develop literacy skills and reinforce classroom learning, it also helps to build our Teller community. Older students learn about responsibility and role-modeling while younger students benefit from mentoring and a special friendship with one of the “big kids”.
  • Good Citizens Award: The Good Citizens Award is conferred at the end of each trimester to two students per class who have exemplified the Teller Promise. The award is used to recognize model students, praising those who have demonstrated responsibility in their learning and respect in the classroom.
  • Mighty Miles: Organized by our P.E. teacher, Teller students daily run the school yard track in pursuit of “miles”. Exercise and physical discipline are fostered as classes accumulate weekly totals and compete with other classes. Individual students have tallied up to six marathons in recent years. Watch our students run!
  • Pride Time: Pride Time is a deliberate effort to build a respectful and caring community at Teller. During this time, classroom teachers work toward establishing a positive school culture through a variety of character trait building exercises. Because a positive school culture is central to student success and holistic school transformation, we must equip our students with the tools necessary to positively impact our school’s culture.
  • Each morning, teachers greet their students at the door and take the time to meet as a class to discuss the day ahead and share comments. The meetings build a climate of trust and belonging that carry throughout the school. This time is also designated to building character traits in all of our scholars.
  • PE Aces: PE Aces is a playground supervision program to reward role model behavior, teach responsibility and build our community. The P.E. teacher selects outstanding fourth and fifth grade students to serve as playground supervisors for the lower grades. These “aces” organize games and activities for our younger students and, at the same time, hone their leadership skills and foster connections across the grades.
  • Penny Harvest: The Penny Harvest is an annual service learning project at Teller aimed at raising community awareness and engagement among our students. Each fall, classes are encouraged to collect pennies for donation.  A school-wide discussion then ensues about what issues are most pressing in the community and where to best donate money. Past recipients have included the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Haiti Relief through the American Red Cross, and the Dumb Friends League. The Harvest gives students an opportunity to think about needs in the community and how they can make a difference.
  • Student Council: Student Council is an organization conducted by student leaders and supervised by adult sponsors. The purpose of Student Council is to provide leadership, and to serve the student body, the school, and the community.
  • 5th Grade Leadership Academy: Our 5th Grade Leadership Academy provides various leadership opportunities that facilitate student engagement, development, and learning experiences that prepare students to be effective, inclusive, and innovative leaders within their communities. At Teller Elementary School, we believe that leadership is a learned process that can be achieved by any individual.