Boosterthon Fun Run Update!

Posted 02/09/2018
Thank you to everyone that supported our Teller Tigers today!!! They did such an amazing job running laps in the chilly weather!
As it stands right now Teller is poised to profit over $30,600!! This is amazing!
These pledges came from 44 states and 4 countries (Canada, Germany, UK, US)!
The top pledging class in each grade are:
Guyer // $155 Pledged Per Lap (3rd Grade)
Lang // $139 Pledged Per Lap (Kindergarten)
Archuleta // $136 Pledged Per Lap (1st Grade)
Chesla // $124 Pledged Per Lap (2nd Grade)
Kraft/Singh // $105 Pledged Per Lap (4th/5th Grade)
We could not have done this without the amazing Boosterthon team that pumped us up over the past few weeks and taught us about what it takes to be a knight!! Thank you!!!