Arts & Enrichment Opportunities at Teller

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Teller is a vibrant school with much happening before and after the school day.  Our extracurricular opportunities include:

  • Band: Teller is proud to offer both band and violin classes to 2nd -5th grade students.  This enhanced program is typically not available to elementary students and is cherished by the participants and their families.  Classes meet once a week after school.  Beginning and advanced offerings are available.  Students can borrow school instruments with a weekly commitment to practice.  Students perform two concerts a year as well as at Tellerpalooza.
  • Teller Voices: This is our school choir. We will focus on proper singing techniques including voice placement and breathing. The children will be challenged to sing in two and three part harmonies including partner songs and rounds. Scholars perform at other locations around Denver, including Tellerpalooza.
  • Destination ImagiNation (DI):  DestinationImagiNation is a national enrichment program that challenges students to think creatively and solve problems cooperatively. Students work in small teams to develop a solution to a complex problem; teams are overseen by parent volunteers and require a weekly commitment lasting for many months. In 2010, Teller sponsored ten teams, more than any other DPS elementary school.
  • Discovery Link: Responding to working parents’ needs, Teller offers a before and after-school childcare program known as Discovery Link. The program opens its doors at 7:30 a.m. and runs until 6:00 p.m. in the evening.  Students are provided snacks, arts and crafts, games, homework help, and outdoor play in a safe and supervised environment.
  • LEGO League Robotics Team: Teller Tiger’s first LEGO League is a robotics competition held world wide for 9 – 14 year old children.  There are close to 12,000 teams competing worldwide!  Teller has one team composed of 7 kids that will be competing in November.  The competition involves building and programming a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot to complete various tasks on a competition field in 2 1/2 minutes.  It also involves teamwork as well as researching and presenting an innovative solution to a real world problem.
  • Math Olympiad Team: The Math Olympiad is a worldwide competition for children in 4th – 6th grade (as well as a 6th – 8th grades division).  Teller has two teams this year composed of 70 kids!  We will spend every Tuesday practicing techniques for solving challenging word problems and then we will compete five times throughout the school year.  The kids will compete individually and as a team.  We will also hold a face-to-face competition between several Denver schools that are also participating in the Math Olympiad at the end of the school year.  Go Teller!
  • After School Enrichment:  Teller also offers students after-school enrichment classes. Organized by Discovery Link, these classes typically include art, dance, drama, music, computers, science, and sport activities. These classes are great opportunities for students to meet kids from other grades, explore a new outlet, or pursue a passion.
  • Shakespeare Festival: Each year the Performing Arts teacher oversees the production of a Shakespeare play as an enrichment opportunity for Teller’s third, fourth and fifth graders. Students use the original Shakespearean language, and with the help of teachers and parents, design sets and manage backstage. For the past five years, Teller’s Shakespeare troupe has also been selected to perform in Denver Public School’s Shakespeare Festival held each spring.
  • Walk to School: Teller is a school firmly rooted in its Congress Park neighborhood.  Students are encouraged to walk or ride bikes to school, for the physical, environmental, and community benefit. This activism is celebrated with monthly Walk-to-School Days the first Wednesday of each month.

Registration for most after school enrichment can take place here!