About Us

Teller is a diverse school serving early childhood through 5th grade located in the heart of Congress Park. We have talented staff and committed parents who work hard to make Teller a wonderful place to send your child. We are an inspired school that provides a place where all children can reach, grow, become.
Our school serves neighborhood students from age 4 to fifth grade and students identified as highly gifted and talented who choice into our program from all over Denver. Teller’s GT/HGT program is based on an integrated model of instruction focused on differentiation, compacting and personalization. Additionally, Teller has the privilege of hosting a Multi-Intensive classroom for grades 3-5 for students with cognitive and physical disabilities and supports the whole community as a site-based Neighborhood Center.

About 37% of our students choice in from other school boundaries and our percentage of free and reduced lunch students for hosting a 2016 was 29.1%.  Our percentage of minority students was 33.5%.  We are a English Language Development only school with only 8.3% of our students identified as English Language Learners.  This low percentage of ELL students does not represent the diversity of  languages spoken in the building as there are students who do speak other languages, but may also be proficient English speakers.  The percentage of students at Teller with an IEP has consistently been around 10% for the last five years.  Our enrollment has been steadily climbing since 2010.  We have grown from 425 students to 484 in 2016. This year, we have 506 students currently enrolled.

Our staff is comprised of a principal, assistant principal and 32 certified staff members. At least one teacher per grade level team must possess a GT endorsement from the State of Colorado and off the 32 certified staff members, 15 will be new to Teller Elementary School for the 2017-2018 school year.

Teller is part of DPS’ Parent-Teacher Home Visit Program. In 2016, we exceeded our goal for the number of home visits conducted by our staff. In support of our diverse community, Teller is adopting a math acceleration and compacting program in the fall of 2017.